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August 19, 2020

iM ALIVE!!!!!!! and im very well im very happy!!!! ill update this website one day....one day !! i need to CHANGE SOOO many things!! ive been going out a lot but dont worry i wear a mask and i use. A LOT of hand sanitizer plus i usually hang out w my friends in really quiet places . ive been taking pics w my new camera and ive been painting a lot . I ALSO STARTED MAKING JEWELRY. fuck it tamagotchi earrings made out of shrinky dinks. oh yeah my new obsession r tamagotchis!!!!!heart emoji heart emoji ( GOD I USE THESE TOO MUCH HERE).

i really want friends who r into making websites if u see this CONTACT ME.. oh u prob ..dont know how doe..um....send me a telepathic message ! ill send u one back

song of the day: syro u437t8+3[141.98][piezoluminescence mix] - aphex twin

July 6, 2020

haven't done anything to this site lately. i'd say that i've been busy or smth but i haven't. i've been hanging out w friends and im A LOT BETTER than i was in my last entry besjvghb. i got a cheap ass digital camera from an antiques store and it's so good???? i'd love to learn how to photograph people cuz i mostly take pics of buildings or animals . even though my pics arent so good i love love love them and im so proud of myself!!!!!!!!!!!!

i really need new music i dont know what to listen to anymore.. i've been listening to the same artists for MONTHS and im .....sorta tired., so if anyone sees this ..please go to the guestbook and recommend me some artists!!!plz . heart emoji

song of the day: goth bomb - ariel pink

June 11, 2020

today i went out w some people and idk why but i got really sad when i got home. not because i missed them or anything . i just felt incredibly lonely ig . cuz none of the people i went out with were close to me . and i realised i'm incredibly boring and i dont have an opinion on anything and u cant talk to me about anything. i really wanted to be stupid bc i think being stupid is the best thing in da world (i dont mean stupid as in hateful and uneducated).i mean stupid as in no opinion about anything living life like a hamster( if that makes sense. ) not stressing about anything really. and i think i really got there . im stupid now woohoo.........oh and again i dont mean stupid as in i wont do anything about what happens in the world like. i might be stupid but i do whatever i can to ... contribute to the world... im not that ignorant...i'm aware of what happens in the world and i donate and do as much as i can in any situation. but i mean stupid like . . um. i DOnt even know. god everything i write is so incoherent.

god i just hate myself. i'd isolate myself but i know thats really unhealthy for me so i wont do it. . and i dont want people to feel bad for me .i hate when people feel bad for me like . um y would u. god I cannot EXPRESS HOW BAD I FEEL .i feel like telling people im not okay but what could they even do about it. i just cant stand this feeling of emptiness and loneliness and sadness andrbnv anymore. and i hate the fact that im like this because im usually very happy and energetic and i want to make other people happy and i hate when i feel all of this because it just stops me from being all cheerful and energetic and i hate that.

FIRST ENTRY AND IT SOUNDS SO INCOHERENT AND CHAOTIC AND SAD ........im not like this i swear ... idk why i chose this to be my first entry and why i felt the need to actually post this

song of the day: alone again or - love