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sometimes i wish i lived in a tiny isolated farm or just a cabin in the moutains. and id love to have a small garden where i'd be able to grow vegetables and pretty flowers and maybe some fruit ! i'd also have some animals around .

i'd love to have a huuuuuuge bookshelf where i'd have biology,math,physics, chemistry and literature books. i'll have a tiny lab and a tiny art room. i wish to study everything there is but i don't want to be bothered by anything so i'll also have a study room .

i'd love to have a friend or two there , maybe even more! i won't have any wi-fi so i'll have to go to the post office every once in a while to send and receive letters from my family and friends!!

living on a mountain would be so relaxing and calm because i don't need to stress abt anything. no school no homework no job!! and i can dress however i want .