GifCities-lots of cool gifs!!!!

Blingee- cool ass photo editing site

FlamingText- 3D text and animated text

3DTextMaker- 3D text

emma31- COOL BACKgrOUNDS!!!!

W3schools- LITERALLy the best site to learn html and css

-many many many CUTE GIFS!!!

Lissa Explains- COOL site to learn html :D

Picasion- glitter text

Glitter Text Online-MORe glitter text!!!!!

Text anim- more animated text!!

Gr Textures- more COOL backgrounds!!!

Blinkies- blinkies generator!!

dELIA*s catalog- a flickr account with the dELIA*s summer catalog

moXie girl , dELIA*s and just nikki - late 90s clothing catalogs

Loomis - great books to learn how to draw people