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so what i wanted to say is that you're really fun and i honestly can't wait to see u irl again I'LL SHOW U THE COOLEST PLACES I KNOWWW and i know I don't usually tell people what i'm going through bUT thank u so much for REPLYING TO THOSE AWFUL SAD TWEETS ON MY PRIV. i knowww we used to argue a lot and ..we still do sometimes but IM glad we're friends and SERIOUSLY u deserve the BEST

i hope u'll find some more extroverted people in ur town bc ur not actually introverted I know that IT's just the way u were raised and also ur current group irl (that sounds REALLY MEAN hsdjhvbj SORRY)

OH and i know everything will eventually turn out alright cuz ur amazing and u deserve to be happy and also I think ur being really silly when u think that da random guys from ur school that message u just want to make fun of u like????um?????whydgu think that.like WHY wouldn't they want to talk w u fr??ur really fun.also weird but great humour and i love the way u dress.and ur so pretty like

pass the cheekbones?? pass the bone structure

IDK if this is all i wanted to tell u but this is it for now bye *kissy face* *devil emoji*


i hope this doesn't sound too lame cuz im bad at all this being affectionate shit

and don't worry about those b words that only want to talk to u for a free tarot reading. it's literally their loss that they don't want to talk to u for ur personality.

when i typed ur name on gifcities these babies came up i have no idea why.but i found them funny so here they are

also STOp literally watching so many dramas omg . ♡watch my shit♡♡PLEASE............................wake up you ve been in a coma since 2008

and stop calling me edgy when im all depresso cuz bhvhs im really trying ok ............im trying not to be all sad sometimes I really am IM not edgy like i was in 7th grade ...unfortunately everything im saying now is real...nd stop using '=)))" now THATS mean