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i feeel sooo soo sad seeing u down :(

u truly deserve to be happy

i want to see u ASAP

i hope you ll be able to come w us on our winter trip

i miss playing mc and roblox w u :(

i hope everything will be alright for u

and i wish to see u happy asap..

fuck school schools a piece of shit lets live on a mountain (NOT DA BROKE ONE)

REALLY hoping my teacher wont find this website CUZ I DONT HEr to SEE WHAT I SAID ABT SCHOOL


3 months later and i still don't know where should i start

soo a lot happened in these 3 months

and we also got to see eachother!!!!!!!!!!!!i had lots of fun that week

I showed u DA COOLESt places? i think...well most of them!!

hm again..im notgood w words..obvs.....

but i just wanted to tell u that i love talking 2 u and

spending time w u..ur really fun and cool!!

ifeel silly for constantly tellin g u how much i love u and

reminding u how cool U are heart emoji

and also U ARE so pretty yet ur all ohhh im ugly or smth nah ur just blind...

and this has been confirmed by soooo many people like????

u dont trust 237344 people??!!??

baraboom badaboom PLEaase watch more movies w me? ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–

im sooory im so annoying but i just :D

also ..please excuse my. ...stupidity?

i knowwwww i might be annoying boring and really weirddddd sometimes

but pleaseeed ont ever leave me u make me so happy

ur like a cute puppy

im so happy to have u in my life